De-escalation for Healthcare Professionals

The Need for De-escalation Training in Healthcare

Healthcare professionals work with a diverse group of people in a wide range of situations in which aggression and conflict are a common occurrence. Staff are often required to not only provide medical care but also to ensure that all individuals on the premises comply with the relevant rules and regulations. Unfortunately working in an industry plagued with staff shortages and increasingly long work hours means healthcare professional are often over-worked and exhausted which can also affect their ability to de-escalate a situation appropriately.

From physically aggressive patients to disgruntled and verbally abusive relatives, Health staff are faced with a range of aggressive situations, both in the workplace and the field, which require sound de-escalation skills and a cohesive team response. Resolution Education works closely with health care professionals across different environments such as hospitals, clinics, general and specialist practices, to provide staff with proven approaches and strategies to resolve aggressive situations effectively.

Our training is customised to ensure client needs are met, and that all guidelines and policies, government or internal,  are followed. Our training teaches your team how to effectively work together, with practical demonstrations of a range of potential scenarios, so they are fully equipped and confident to handle aggressive situations.

Benefits of De-escalation Training with Resolution Educatication

De-escalation training teaches the art of conflict resolution through communication techniques and emotional intelligence skills. The training program offered by Resolution Education focus on various verbal and gestural communication exercises such as using your voice to diffuse a situation and conveying empathy through active listening. De-escalation techniques used by Resolution Education are applied effectively when the problem first arises which reduces the likelihood of a situation escalating and the need for damage control. There are several stages of behaviour a person goes through before becoming physically violent and having the skills to assess your environment, recognise potential threats and respond accordingly early on in a situation is a vital skill.

Healthcare workers trained in the methods of de-escalation will be more likely to:
  • Detect problems early on and intervene appropriately while maintaining the safety of their patients and colleagues.
  • Prevent violent behaviour more effectively while minimising the need for using restraints.

In situations where patients must be physically restrained, staff will be trained to do so through positive reinforcement while maintaining respect for the patient.

De-escalation skills give an increased level of confidence and self-esteem, and result in improved mental well-being.

Additional Courses for Healthcare Staff

Other than De-escalation Training, Resolution Education also offers many other programs such as:

  • Physical and non-physical Occupational Violence and
  • Aggression (OVA)
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Code Black Training Resolution Education’s services include the development of full code black policies, if required.
  • Customised training for Nurses
  • Customised training for Ambulance workers.

Resolution Education’s  de-escalation training for healthcare workers has helped reduce violent outbursts from patients and lowered the number of altercations with their families enabling staff to focus on their primary task, which is providing medical care to patients.

It is vital to make sure the training program you choose applies to your healthcare practice model and structure. All of our programs are customisable and can be designed specifically for the needs of your medical staff and facility, also taking into account internal policies and procedures.

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