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De-Escalation Training For Security Officers

Being a security officer requires a unique and refined set of skills to handle any situation. Of those skills, the most important is the ability to diffuse threatening situations. This is not a skill that comes naturally, but one that needs to be learnt through training and exercises in the methods of de-escalation. The de-escalation techniques taught at Resolution Education ensure the best possible outcomes using the most appropriate techniques.

The Importance Of De-Escalation During A Conflict

A good officer is always prepared for any unexpected situation that might arise. A great officer knows how to effectively diffuse that situation while using the least amount of force possible.

In a typical security situation, such as confronting a thief, the security officer must keep in mind that de-escalating the conflict should be his first course of action. If officers are not trained in the importance of minimising the use of force, the outcome will be a considerable number of violent incidents or litigation that could’ve otherwise been avoided.

Better Security Through Skilled Communication

The training programs offered by us at Resolution Education are comprehensive in all regards and will equip you with the verbal and non-verbal communication skills necessary to diffuse all conflicts. An officer that has received training by Resolution Education in the techniques of de-escalation will be able to:

  • Carry out a risk assessment to see the possible outcomes of all their potential actions as soon as they enter a situation.
  • Handle the interaction tactfully while maintaining control of the situation.
  • Recognise warning signs of conflict arising and intervening on time.
  • Begin de-escalating a conflict even before it arises by implementing these skills.

How Our Training Programs Will Benefit Security Officers

The De-escalation training for security officers offered by us at Resolution Education will cover topics ranging from active listening to safely handling and subduing an aggressor.

  • A well-trained security officer will always first employ non-violent tactics. These include active and empathetic listening to increase communication and keep the opposition from becoming violent by letting them feel like you are on their side.
  • Verbal de-escalation techniques will teach officers which words to use and which to avoid, and how to guide the conversation to a better outcome by just talking effectively.

Keeping situations from escalating to violence can protect both employees and the aggressors from harm and even save their lives. A security professional who has received training in de-escalation will always strive for small decreases in the threat level to achieve a better outcome.

Our Training Programs

Our various programs such as Occupational Violence and Aggression Training, Conflict Resolution Training, and De-escalation Training for security officers will provide your company’s security officers with hands-on training in topics such as:

  • Physical aggression strategies.
  • Restraint handling.
  • Subduing violent perpetrators.
  • Dealing with weapons.

The role-playing exercises in our training will let officers practice what they have learnt and see the possible outcomes of their actions through these simulations.

Why Choose Resolution Education

Despite knowing what to do, many people tend to freeze when they are faced with the actual threat. Our comprehensive de-escalation training for security officers program will instil your officers with confidence in their abilities to diffuse conflict and handle tough situations. Since our programs are flexible and customisable, you can design a training program that will meet all the needs of your facility.

You can call Resolution Education today at 1300 884 589 to get more information about our de-escalation training programs and confirm your slot for the next available session.

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