De-Escalation & OVA Training

De-Escalation & Occupational Violence & Aggression Training

Resolution Education’s De-escalation and OVA Training is an interactive and strategy-rich training which teaches you an essential comprehensive set of skills needed to deal with agitated and aggressive clients or colleagues in various situations, and to diffuse threatening situations confidently and effectively.

Our aim is to provide you with the tools to de-escalate a situation enough for a healthy and constructive discussion to become possible.

Who Will Benefit From This Training?

Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) is unfortunately on the rise, and we believe that all employees liable to be in contact with difficult, aggressive or angry people will find this interactive training package, which includes proven strategies and techniques, extremely relevant and effective.

Resolution Education has trained personnel at all levels within various organisations, and we understand that the types of situations likely to be encountered can vary greatly depending on the different roles each employee or group of employees holds within an organisation. Therefore, all training is based on our proven A.D.P. Framework, and concepts are customised in order for staff to receive the most relevant and effective training possible.

So, contact us today to discuss your Occupational Violence and Aggression training requirements.

Course Overview

  • Duration: Half Day, Full Day or 2 days available
  • Delivery Options: Face to Face or Online
  • Location: Training Australia, NZ and Internationally – At your workplace or a location can be organised by Resolution Education
  • Capacity: up to 30 people for the day or an additional trainer can be organised
  • What To Wear: Clothes you would normally wear to work

Training Outcomes

By completing this course with the three key modules in the proven A.D.P. Framework, you will:

  • recognise the signs of somebody becoming agitated
  • increase your situational awareness and preparation
  • increase your ability to evaluate a situation in order to make more informed and appropriate decisions regarding your safety and required next steps
  • develop your confidence in using appropriate de-escalation skills and techniques to handle a situation in a safe manner either in the workplace, on the phone or when working remotely
  • control your emotions during an escalating situation
  • use your voice and tone appropriately to help resolve an issue
  • be able to deal with people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • be able to deal with people with a mental illness
  • learn, through practice, various techniques related to freeing yourself from an aggressor

This training provides a safe environment to discuss various situations, which increases both the understanding of the material presented and confidence in the ability to deal with unexpected conflict and difficult people.

Course Outline

All course outlines are based on the proven A.D.P. Framework and are fully customised through consultations with you prior to training day. This ensures that the needs of the group and individuals participating in the training are addressed, as their safety and increased confidence in dealing with difficult situations is our priority.

The training is divided into three modules AWARENESS, DE-ESCALATION and PROTECTION, each of which deals with important key aspects that are vital in combating incidences of violent behaviour in the workplace or when working remotely.

A more detailed OVA training course outline can be provided by contacting us directly.

You Will Receive

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