Customised Conflict Resolution Training

Who Will Benefit From This Conflict Resolution Training?

All employees to be in contact with difficult behaviour, people who can’t keep their emotions under control or employees needing better communication skills. This conflict management course covers multiple situations and will be customised to the challenges your team may be facing.

You will find this interactive and strategy-rich conflict resolution training package relevant and effective. It’s a 1-day conflict resolution workshop for the real world with effective conflict resolution strategies and conflict resolution techniques. Whether it is internal staff or dealing with difficult external people such as customers, clients or suppliers.

Conflict can cost the workplace in many ways, from time off, to negative cultures and unhappiness in the workplace.


Any team members that require better strategies and tools to deal with conflict. Everyone is different and will deal with conflict differently. By enhancing your teams skills to deal with conflict you will find that the benefits will present themselves quickly. Whether that is dealing with the public, team members or management in the workplace or even day to day interactions on the phone or over a counter. You will have some exception strategies to bring the company’s management of conflict all on the same page.

Course Overview

  • Duration: Half Day or Full Day available
  • Delivery Options: Face to Face or Online
  • Location: Training Australia Wide and Internationally – At your workplace or a location can be organised by Resolution Education
  • Capacity: up to 40 people for the day
  • What To Wear: Clothes you would normally wear to work

Conflict Management Training Outcomes

  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Improved Negotiation Skills
  • Improved Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Handling your emotions in stressful situations
  • Creating Win / Win in conflict situations
  • Understanding peoples different working profiles
  • Active listening skills
  • Looking at every side of the conflict in a non-bias manner

Giving you excellent conflict management strategies, techniques and skills to use in the workplace to deal with conflict and disputes.

Course Outline

Because of the nature of your organisation, you may experience different types of conflict and disputes. Therefore we can customise and create your own course outline based on the principles of conflict resolution skills to improve employees communication.

  • What is Conflict
  • The cost of conflict in the workplace
  • Understanding Different Personalities in the workplace – DISC
  • Different Causes of Conflict
  • How Employees Deal with Conflict
  • Dealing with Emotions in a conflict situation
  • Resolving conflict in the workplace
  • Conflict Policies in the Workplace
  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions

A more detailed course outline can be provided by contacting us directly.

You Will Receive

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