Train The Trainer

Deliver Your Own De-Escalation & OVA Training

Our in-depth and high impact “Train the Trainer” course allows your own trainers within your organisation to deliver quality de-escalation, OVA and conflict resolution training to your employees.

A two or three full day intensive course delivered to internal staff and trainers on how to deal with most de-escalation situations. Our course is based around Resolution Education’s A.D.P. Framework when dealing with occupational violence and aggression.

  • Awareness
  • De-escalate
  • Protect

The aim of this course is to give students confidence in delivering training to your staff members to keep them safe. We have limited courses held every year with a required refresher every year. You can also run this as a private course for your company.

Course Overview

  • Duration: 2 or 3 days of training
  • Location: Training Australia Wide and Internationally – At your workplace or a location can be organised by Resolution Education
  • Capacity: up to 10 people
  • What To Wear: Clothes you would normally wear to work
  • Certification: 1 year certification to deliver the training. Maintain the certification by doing yearly refresher training.

Training Outcomes

  • Deliver de-escalation, OVA and conflict resolution training into their organisation.
  • Look at the workplace environment and advise better ways to keep employees safe
  • Help create policy and procedures around De-escalation, OVA and personal safety for your organisation.

Course Outline

The below is just a guide and modules can be added or removed based on the needs of your organisation.

  • Identifying the signs of aggression and the stages of each, verbal cues, visual cues, and Team Interaction with an aggressive person.
  • Dealing with your emotions in an aggressive situation, how not to freeze and timing from the start of a situation to becoming violent.
  • Using your voice to diffuse the situation
  • How to stop the aggression escalating
  • Working on positives outcomes for each aggressive situation
  • Hands on Session
  • Hands on Group Work

A more detailed course outline can be provided by contacting us directly.

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