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Whether you require training to deal with difficult people or your employees need to be trained in dealing with occupational violence and aggression, Resolution Education has specialised training for your industry and employees which can be fully customed to address your needs.

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Resolution Education believes the safety of your employees in the workplace is of the utmost importance and we follow a tried and tested method to create the most relevant and effective training for your team.

We analyse your current incidents, policies and procedures, systems, government legislation and environment, in order to create an in-depth customised training, based on our proven A.D.P. Framework, with a focus on desired outcomes and individual company needs.

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Our Unique Value Proposition:

Resolution Education’s training program and underpinning framework has 4 key differentiators:


While we apply theory, we also believe in learning through real-life examples and role play. Training is contextualised, immersive and impactful, and our delivery ensures that staff have a deep understanding of the skills required to operate effectively in their specific work environment.


We ensure a comprehensive understanding of organisational requirements, from a legal and Workplace Health and Safety perspective. This ensures that training is delivered in the context of the working environment, regardless of whether it is in the field, in an office, or over the phone.


Our training integrates theory with a hands-on approach which has a demonstrated success as a training technique. We ensure that every staff member understands their own personal confidence level and capabilities when dealing with potential aggression in the workplace.


Our approach is underpinned by a proven training framework, which is easily scaled to accommodate multiple roles, multiple departments, more training participants and multiple types of delivery.

De-Escalation & OVA Training

Resolution Education has a highly professional team with over 20 years of experience in adult training and education, specialising in de-escalation, OVA and dealing with difficult people.

At Resolution Education, we believe in a hands-on approach to training which is interactive and empowering to all attendees. We teach practical tools and techniques in de-escalation strategies that have been tried and tested in real-life situations.

ADP Framework of De-escalation

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