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Practical, Real-Life, Conflict & De-escalation OVA Training Programs

Our conflict resolution and de-escalation OVA training courses are practical, fun and very informative. As an attendee of our training, you will be taught real-life de-escalation techniques to control and manage a volatile situation in your workplace or anywhere.

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De-Escalation & OVA Training

Resolution Education’s De-escalation and OVA Training is an interactive and strategy-rich training which teaches you an essential comprehensive set of skills needed to deal with agitated and aggressive clients or colleagues in various situations, and to diffuse threatening situations confidently and effectively.

Train The Trainer

Our in-depth and high impact “Train the Trainer” course allows your own trainers within your organisation to deliver quality de-escalation, OVA and conflict resolution training to your employees. A two full day intensive course delivered to students on how to deal with most de-escalation situations. Our course is based around Resolution Education’s A.D.P. System when dealing with occupational violence and aggression.

Code Black Training

Health sector staff are faced with a range of aggressive situations, both in the workplace and the field, which require sound de-escalation skills and a cohesive team response. Resolution Education works closely with health care professionals across different environments such as hospitals, clinics, general and specialist practices, to provide staff with effective approaches and strategies to resolve aggressive situations effectively.

Restraint Training

Safe Restraint Technique training is a specialised training package for emergency response teams, security or emergency services where non punitive restraint training is required. You can request restraint training under Code Black training options.

Conflict Resolution

All employees to be in contact with difficult negotiations, people who can’t keep their emotions under control or employees needing better communication skills. This conflict management course covers multiple situations and will be customised to the challenges your team may be facing.

Phone Aggression

Course coming soon.

Conference Packages

Our practical conflict resolution courses are perfect for corporate team building activities. Your team will enjoy our hands-on approach as we teach physical and mental techniques to cope with workplace stresses. Imagine your team laughing as we take them through some fun and effective practices, imparting skills that will stay with them forever.

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Our Unique Value Proposition:

Resolution Education’s training program and underpinning framework has 4 key differentiators:


While we apply theory, we also believe in learning through real-life examples and role play. Training is contextualised, immersive and impactful, and our delivery ensures that staff have a deep understanding of the skills required to operate effectively in their specific work environment.


We ensure a comprehensive understanding of organisational requirements, from a legal and Workplace Health and Safety perspective. This ensures that training is delivered in the context of the working environment, regardless of whether it is in the field, in an office, or over the phone.


Our training integrates theory with a hands-on approach which has a demonstrated success as a training technique. We ensure that every staff member understands their own personal confidence level and capabilities when dealing with potential aggression in the workplace.


Our approach is underpinned by a proven training framework, which is easily scaled to accommodate multiple roles, multiple departments, more training participants and multiple types of delivery.

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