What Is Protective Intervention Training (PIT)?

How to Reduce Tension & Improve Safety in the Classroom

Navigating the intricacies of human behaviour is a constant challenge, particularly in environments as dynamic as the classroom. For educators and other school personnel, managing the spectrum of behaviours exhibited by children and adolescents can be overwhelming.

The truth is that stressed and tense individuals inadvertently foster tense environments. Recognising this challenge, Resolution Education developed the Protective Intervention Training (PIT) program to enhance the confidence and competence of staff handling challenging behaviours.

While we may not have control over the actions of others, we possess the power to shape our responses. Through this training, participants learn to navigate complex situations. This leads to a reduction in incidents and fosters stronger, more harmonious relationships within the learning environment.

What is Protective Intervention Training?

Protective Intervention Training (PIT) is a comprehensive program designed to enhance the safety of employees and those they work with. It focuses on improving team dynamics and communication skills and providing strategies for preventing and de-escalating behaviours of concern. The training is underpinned by Resolution Education’s evidence-based ADP Framework, ensuring that participants learn effective techniques rooted in research and best practices.

While this program is relevant for all employees, it is specifically designed for the school environment. The training can be customised to meet the varied needs of both mainstream and special schools. School personnel who are directly involved with students who exhibit behaviours of concern will benefit from this training course.

With scenario-based training, role-play, and relevant discussions facilitated by an expert trainer, participants walk away with the ability to apply strategies to real-life situations and see positive results. The scenarios are based on school incident reports so that participants better retain information and have a clearer understanding of how to use techniques in their day-to-day. 

Key Components of PIT

PIT covers a variety of concepts essential for maintaining safety and promoting positive interactions within school environments. These include:

  • Focus on Safety: PIT prioritises safety above all else, equipping staff with the knowledge and skills needed to create secure learning environments.
  • Evidence-Based Approach: The training curriculum is grounded in evidence-based principles, drawing from established methodologies and frameworks to ensure effectiveness.
  • Communication Skills: Participants learn best practice communication skills, including verbal and non-verbal techniques, that are crucial for de-escalating conflicts and building rapport with students.
  • Prevention & De-escalation Strategies: PIT provides strategies for preventing and de-escalating behaviours of concern, empowering staff to address situations proactively and effectively.
  • Protective Physical Interventions: The training also covers protective concepts including distancing, movement, and breakaways to ensure staff are prepared to respond safely and appropriately in high-risk situations.
  • Post-Incident Support: Staff are equipped with strategies for providing support after an incident occurs, including recovery, debriefing, and reviewing prevention and risk management strategies.

How Can PIT Help?

By implementing the training strategies and enhancing the areas explained above, school teams improve safety and productivity within the classroom and wider school environment. This leads to a reduction in the number and severity of incidents as well as a strengthening of relationships.

Furthermore, with training, school personnel create more consistency in approaches to behaviour which increases confidence in high-risk situations and ensures a more secure and supportive learning environment for both students and staff.

PIT is a chance for participants to discuss challenges and find common ground. The trainers facilitate discussions that lead to positive change and participants walk away feeling heard and supported. These discussions reinforce processes, smooth over misunderstandings, shed light on any complacent behaviours or areas lacking in efficiency, and ultimately foster a culture of continuous improvement within the workplace.

Tailored Training Packages

PIT offers flexibility in its delivery, allowing for training packages to meet the unique needs of individual schools. Through consultation with staff, the training is seamlessly integrated into the school’s existing policies and procedures. The program adapts to address specific concerns and priorities identified by the school.

The training can also cater to individual schools’ timing with half-day and full-day options, as well as the choice of face-to-face or virtual training delivery.


In conclusion, Protective Intervention Training fosters safe and conducive learning environments. Through facilitated discussions and continuous improvement initiatives, PIT empowers school personnel to address challenges proactively. This reduces tension, mitigates risk, and establishes a culture of support and growth.

As we navigate the complexities of human behaviour, PIT helps develop resilience and improve the well-being of all involved.

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We also offer expert training in restrictive practices training, conflict resolution and de-escalation training including social media and verbal de-escalation training.


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