Does Resolution Education Deliver VPM Training?

VPM Training Vs ADP Training Framework

Exploring Occupational Violence and Aggression training options for your team can be overwhelming. With various training frameworks available, it can be difficult to sort through information and make the best decision.

While we have the utmost confidence in the quality of our Awareness, De-escalation, Protection (A.D.P.) training framework, which has been utilised by many state and private hospitals, health clinics, medical centres and aged care facilities across Australia and New Zealand, we also understand the importance of making informed decisions. We recognise the need for organisations to find training solutions that not only guarantee effective, pertinent, and lasting learning experiences for their team but also provide content adapted to specific requirements.

To help you navigate the market and narrow down your search, we have provided information below that sheds light on both Resolution Education’s ADP training framework and the VPM training framework created by the Health Education and Training Institute. This will give you insight into both frameworks to help you find confidence in the decision around which training provider and framework best suits your needs.  

What Is the VPM Framework?

The Health and Training Institute (HETI) in New South Wales, Australia, has developed a series of training programs utilising their Violence Prevention and Management (VPM) framework for the healthcare setting.

The VPM framework is designed to help healthcare workers identify and manage situations that may involve violence and hostility. HETI programs cover topics such as risk assessment, the signs of a heightened person, de-escalation strategies, and restraint techniques, with legal and ethical considerations in place.

Each training program, which uses the VPM framework, has a pre-determined delivery method of either eLearning or face-to-face delivery.

What Is the ADP Framework?

The team at Resolution Education train healthcare workers across Australia and New Zealand, using our ADP training framework which covers a range of concepts including assessing situations, communication and de-escalation strategies, Code Black procedures and drills, and restraint techniques. All techniques are taught with the safety of the team and the heightened individual in mind, both from an individual and legal standpoint.

The ADP framework is a research-based, practical, and effective training model for managing and preventing violence in the workplace. It is designed to provide healthcare workers with a range of tools and techniques for each component of the framework, as outlined in part below:

  • Awareness is about seeing it before it happens and understanding instincts, complacency, verbal cues, body language, and emotions, as well as unpacking processes connected to calling a Code Black and using duress systems if required.
  • De-escalation looks at techniques to de-escalate situations, how to use your voice and tone, mental health as a factor, and how to remove yourself safely.
  • Protection involves safe, non-punitive physical intervention techniques taught through carefully monitored practice and drills, including various grab and release techniques. In addition, a full restraint training framework is available, which looks at physical, chemical, and mechanical restraints.

Furthermore, additional Code Black training can be included, focusing on drills and processes with effective roles and responsibilities outlined, demonstrated, and practised.

The team at Resolution Education emphasise collaboration and work closely with organisations to ensure learning is tailored accordingly. Building lasting relationships with clients by getting to know their workplace strengths, challenges and experiences is a crucial step in developing the ADP framework successfully.

The aim of the ADP framework is to provide a foundation of learning that can be adapted to the current policies, knowledge, and capabilities of each organisation. This approach ensures that all training is practical to the healthcare workers being trained, with discussions during training centred around real organisational incidents and strategies that are easily implemented in the employees’ day-to-day lives.

Each training program, using the ADP framework, can be delivered in a variety of ways to suit organisational needs. These delivery methods include virtual training, eLearning modules, face-to-face training, or a combination of methods.  

Does Resolution Education Provide VPM Training?

Resolution Education trainers are experts in providing occupational violence and aggression training, using our well-established and proven ADP framework. Like VPM training, the ADP framework works by equipping healthcare workers with the necessary skills to address occupational violence and aggression effectively.

The trainers at Resolution Education have years of experience using the ADP framework across various healthcare organisations and have conducted training in many different settings such as public and private hospitals and clinics, aged care facilities, NDIS, and support services, to name a few.

Healthcare workers who participate in Resolution Education’s Train-the-Trainer program also become certified in the ADP framework, which provides internal trainers with the knowledge, confidence, and ability to train others in their department/facility with effective OVA tools and strategies.

Choosing the Right Training Framework

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate training framework for your team, both the ADP and VPM frameworks have their strengths.

While the VPM framework is well-established in the New South Wales healthcare industry, Resolution Education trainers, utilising the ADP framework, have a broad understanding of effective strategies to use when preventing and mitigating occupational violence and aggression due to working with all types of healthcare organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, while the VPM framework is preconfigured with specific and approved healthcare topics, the ADP framework takes a more holistic approach to training, striving to understand each organisation on a deeper level, customising training to meet specific needs and including a range of topics that are not available in the VPM framework.


In conclusion, both the ADP and VPM training frameworks are useful models for addressing psychosocial hazards and managing violent incidents. The choice between the two frameworks will depend on the specific needs and goals of an organisation.

Hopefully, you now have a clearer understanding of the ADP and VPM frameworks and feel more confident in making an informed decision.  

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