Conflict Resolution vs De-escalation Training

Conflict Resolution vs De-escalation Training - Australia

What Is the Difference Between
Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Training?

Workplace conflict is a sign of differing perspectives, priorities, and expectations colliding within an organisation. This presents both challenges and opportunities for growth and resolution.

Even healthy and productive workplaces encounter conflict from time to time as it takes on many forms. It is important to address conflict if it arises and there are a few warning signs to notice.

If you have identified conflict in your workplace and are now looking for solutions, you have come to the right place. At Resolution Education, we offer a range of comprehensive training solutions that lead to a productive, respectful, and confident working environment. Two of our training programs include De-escalation & OVA Training and Conflict Resolution Training. Each of these programs addresses a different workplace need and in this blog post, we will be unpacking what they both have to offer.

What Are the Signs of Workplace Conflict?

Several signs that may indicate conflict in the workplace include increased tension and hostility – this may be between employees or between employees and consumers. Other signs include a decrease in communication, productivity, and morale, as well as an increase in staff turnover, micromanagement, lack of cooperation, and physical symptoms of stress.

Recognising these warning signs early and addressing challenges proactively can help prevent escalation and mitigate negative impacts on employee morale and productivity, as well as organisational culture and safety.

What is Conflict Resolution Training?

Our Conflict Resolution Training Course addresses internal challenges to resolve conflicts at a broader level. This training fosters shared goals, open communication, and mutual respect among employees. This is achieved by enhancing team understanding and empathy of others by recognising diverse communication styles.

This training equips employees with effective strategies for constructive conversations and negotiation, strengthening relationships and encouraging respectful expression of perspectives, concerns, and needs.

By facilitating the exploration of mutually beneficial solutions, a positive work culture emerges, characterised by open communication, improved morale, and increased job satisfaction. This leads to boosted productivity, reducing disruptions caused by misunderstandings and unresolved conflicts.

To determine if this training is right for your team, try to identify whether your workplace incidents primarily involve disagreements and misunderstandings among colleagues as opposed to between colleagues and external parties. If so, then our Conflict Resolution Training course may be beneficial.

In summary, our Conflict Resolution Training:

  • focuses on internal challenges;
  • improves communication and collaboration among colleagues;
  • leads to constructive conversations and negotiation;
  • strengthens relationships within the organisation; and
  • increases job satisfaction, productivity, and communication.

What is De-escalation & OVA Training?

Our De-escalation & OVA Training addresses external challenges between employees and consumers to ensure workplace safety. It equips employees with strategies to identify and address escalation in real time, maintaining composure under pressure to prevent confrontations from escalating.

This training enhances situational awareness by helping employees identify subtle cues of rising aggression, enabling proactive responses to potential threats.

Additionally, the training emphasises the importance of establishing consistency within the team to enhance workplace policies and procedures, ensuring boundaries are maintained for a safer workplace.

Being able to effectively communicate and handle complaints and grievances professionally and respectfully strengthens an organisation’s productivity, culture, and morale. Employees feel empowered to address challenges peacefully and maintain positive relationships.

To determine if this training is right for your team, consider the frequency of employees dealing with aggravated consumers and the risk of incidents escalating into violence. Whether your team are dealing with customers, clients, patients, students, or members of the public, if there is any risk of the heightened person crossing an organisational boundary and/or becoming violent, then this training may be beneficial.

In summary, our De-escalation & OVA Training:

  • focuses on external challenges;
  • improves situational awareness and the de-escalation of heightened individuals;
  • increases safety for all parties involved;
  • strengthens relationships between employees and consumers; and
  • increases job satisfaction, productivity, and communication.

Which Training Is Right For My Team?

Both our De-escalation & OVA Training and Conflict Resolution Training courses equip participants with vital skills for effective communication and conflict management. These programs are designed to ensure positive interactions and enhance workplace safety.

Given the complex nature of workplace conflict, a customised approach is crucial. At Resolution Education, we closely collaborate with your organisation to understand your policies, incidents, and specific needs. Our goal is to tailor a training solution that addresses your unique requirements.

Whether your team requires specialised training in de-escalation techniques, conflict resolution strategies, or a combination of both, we are happy to assist. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to addressing workplace conflict and safety.


Reach out today to discuss your training requirements with us and determine the best approach. We are eager to help ensure your team is confident, safe, and productive in the workplace.

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