How Training Can Help Prevent Workplace Violence

Workplace violence comes in various forms: bullying, physical harassment, verbal abuse, or other forms of workplace conflict.

Workplace violence comes with lots of physical, physiological, and emotional effects on employees. It can happen to anybody in the workplace — employees, students, volunteers, interns, or apprentices.

No one is immune from workplace violence. But the good news is, it can be handled through conflict and de-escalation training.


For clarity, workplace violence could be things like:

  • Verbal Aggression
  • Physical Aggression in many forms, from hitting, spitting, weapons.
  • Difficult Behaviour like dealing with Passive Aggressiveness, idle threats, bullying.
  • Sexual harassment of all types

You probably agree that bullying and violence is not healthy in the work environment. And if it is not adequately managed, it could negatively impact your staff.

Workplace violence makes the target employee less active, stressed and causes trust issues in the work environment. And if such an atmosphere continues, the employee will likely experience mental health problems such as anxiety and sleep issues.


However, at Resolution Education, we believe real-life training and workplace policies can help prevent workplace violence.

First off, risk factors should be identified by the employer. After that, steps can be taken further by establishing a zero-tolerance policy and procedure in the workplace for any violence or bullying whatsoever.

Resolution Education conduct tailor-made real-life training in a safe, fun environment. Building these skills will give your employees more confidence and create a more harmonious work environment.

Our qualified trainers will ensure your team are supported back in the workplace as well with all organisations participating in a customised training program receiving a sample Dealing with Aggressive Situations Policy and Procedures. This document has been designed to support teams and managers in the workplace respond more effectively to aggressive situations.

Offering expert training in workplace conflict resolution, Resolution Education train businesses, regardless of their size or industry throughout Australia and NZ. Please call 1300 884 589 for more information on how we can empower your team.

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